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Sending Money Should Be As Simple As Sending An Email

Email is a model of openness and accessibility. Everyone can get an Email address without cost, and send messages without barrier.

KeyMesh ID is a personalized name for the Decentralized Web. People can search for you name, and send you money.


We want to enable everyone in the world to own a personal, memorable name. People should interact with each others using names rather than cold hexadecimal digits.


Names should be free, so everyone who wants one can get one. KeyMesh will airdrop names by allowing you to migrate your username from Web2.0, like Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, and WeChat. 


You are special, and your name is special. Once a name is registered, nobody else can use it, or take it away

Own Your Web 2.0 Username

Migrate your social media name into the KeyMesh Name System, turning it into a digital asset protected by the blockchain

  1. 1

    Prove ownership of a name

    You must prove ownership of a social media account before you can register that name. KeyMesh supports Twitter, GitHub, Instagram, and WeChat.

  2. 2

    Connect address & name

    Once you proven a name, you may choose a wallet address to link to this name. When people look you up, they will find this address.

  3. 3

    Register on the blockchain

    Finally, the name and address are uploaded to the blockchain, giving you complete ownership. Nobody else can register the same name.

I'm @hayeah

KeyMesh Trust Token

Social capital is essentially how willing others are to collaborate with you. The KeyMesh Token (KMH) is a reputation token that builds a social economy on top of the blockchain. KMH enables Trust to be earned, traded, borrowed, or staked.

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KeyMesh Token Allocation


Project Roadmap

March 2018
KeyMesh Beta Launched

April 2018
Seed Funding

May 2018
Community Airdrop

June 2018
Whitepaper Published

July 2018
Mainnet Launch

August 2018
Token Presale

October 2018
Public Token Sale

December 2018
Trading On Exchanges

Meet The KeyMesh Team

Howard Yeh

Serial Entrepreneur. Hacker. Writer. University of British Columbia Computer Science.

Ryan Chang

Entrepreneur. Oracle. Ercisson. Expert in identity management solutions. Hong Kong University of Technology And Science MSc.

Tom Yeh
Research Scientist

MIT AI Lab PhD. Assistant professor at The University of Colorado Boulder.

Zhu Yong Qiang
Frontend Developer
Robert Du
Backend Developer
Barney Li
Marketing Director
Zack Zhan
David Lin
UX/UI Designer
Xueyuan Lin
Data Analyst Intern

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